Sustainable Eel Group

The Sustainable Eel Group is the Europe wide conservation and science led organisation working with partner bodies and individuals to accelerate the eels recovery. It was founded in London in 2010 as not for profit company and has evolved into a European body governed through its board composed of 5 Scientists, 5 Conservationists and 5 stakeholders from the Industry and Fishery.

Its aim:

Healthy eel populations, distributed throughout their natural range fulfilling their role in the aquatic environment and supporting sustainable use for the benefit of communities, local economies and traditions. This is fully in line with IUCN statement: Well-regulated trade can contribute positively to the conservation of some threatened species, and may be essential for human livelihoods.

Its purpose:

To be the respected partnership that enables and promotes the joined up conservation and management of the eel, linking all interests in an open and effective process.

The objectives:

 To help deliver the objectives of the EU Eel Regulation
  •  To develop, decipher and apply sound science to inform effective decision making
  • To influence policy makers at UK and European levels
  • To encourage well regulated and sustainable fisheries that support local economies, communities and traditions.
  • To promote greater public understanding of the catodromic lifecycle of the eel and the eel as a panmatic specie.
  • To develop a traceability tool for eel to ban out IUU fishing Outcomes.
  • The eels return to abundance
  • For all River Basin Districts to be compliant with EU Regulation
  • For the eel to form a viable component of the aquatic communities.
  • For healthy and sustainable fisheries hat support local economies, communities and traditions.

Sustainable Development:

SEG has adopted and works to the United Nations Brundtland Definition. “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

The SEG Sustainable Eel Standard:

One of the key levers for sustainability that SEG has introduced is its Standard for the fishery, collectors, farmers, traders and smokeries. SEG will only support the fishery and industry where its standard is met. The standard was developed by many leading eel scientists and conservationists, and was mostly drawn from ICES in consultation with the industry. It is now run and administered independently of the industry. Great progress has been made and its adoption has been widespread in Atlantic and North Europe.