Eel Stewardship Association

The Eel Stewardship Association (ESA) is founder of the Eel Stewardship Fund and owner of the esf trademark. ESA was established in 2015 by industry organisations of the Netherlands and Germany and it is hoped it will be adopted elsewhere.
The main goal is to accelerate the eels recovery in Europe and adopting measure to ensure sustainable use of the stock. ESA is an administrative organization. As the incomes of the ESF belong to the member states themselves, ESA-members carry out the actual activities.
The members of ESA receive money from the Eel Stewardship Fund that was generated by the logo licences. Eel sold with the logo adds to the fund in the respective countries. Also grants and gifts raise the fund.
Thanks to the Sustainable Eel Fund, the ESA-members are able to finance a vast number of conservation activities for the eel. Including the Europe wide conservation body SEG.